Hyundai i30

Start from 50.00€ / per day
The latest Hyundai i30 comes laden with safety equipment, has an attractive engine range and makes a fine long-distance cruiser; these strengths make it easy to overlook the car’s slight deficiencies.  
2014 Petrol Manual 50000 Rent

BMW Z4 cabrio

Start from 60.00€ / per day
BMW Z4 is a confortable 2 seat sport car recommended for the top destinations of Crete which requires longer travel time.
2008 Petrol Manual 50000 Rent


Start from 50.00€ / per day
2016 Petrol 1.0 Manuel 30000 Rent

Fiat 500

Start from 70.00€ / per day
If you thought the Fiat 500 was cool, wait until you see the convertible version. This new series celebrates a fashion-forward icon, a car that attracts attention with its care for detail, cool and stylish combinations
2015 Diesel Auto 25000 Rent

Nissan Micra 2018 automatic

Start from 60.00€ / per day
For most people, driving life starts in a small car, with the Nissan Micra one of the most popular choices over the past three decades. Nissan has sold bucketloads on the premise of it being cheap
2018 Petrol Auto 20000 Rent

Fiat Tipo

Start from 50.00€ / per day
The Fiat Tipo Hatchback stands up to expectations with its class leading 440 litre boot capacity and rear leg room. All this in just 4.37 metres of length.
2014 Petrol Manual 50000 Rent