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  • Quad GForce 450

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The newest member of the 2015 CFMOTO lineup is the CFORCE 450L ATV. The 31-horsepower 191Q engine powered CFORCE 450L is designed and built to offer impressive performance and durability, precision-engineered handling and a driver focused design to conquer all terrains with improved ergonomics.

  • Choice of single/ double seat, driver-focused ergonomics provides comfort, easy-to-reach controls, double seat, double fun!
  • As an optional detail, EPS offers greater handling and steering feel while improving vehicle safety by adapting the steering torque to the vehicle’s speed and providing active torque in critical driving situations.
  • With only a simple pull, you could unfold the front hood of CFORCE 450L, realizing a easy maintenance.
  • Its 15L fuel capacity enable you to enjoy a real fun without worry.
  • Unlike others, CF450L takes use of anti-theft shift lock instead of steerling lock which is very convenient.
  • May be shown with additional modifications and/or accessories



  1. Engine Type: Single-cylinder,4-valve,SOHC,EFI,Liquid cooled
  2. Displacement: 400cc
  3. Bore & Stroke: 91 X 61.5mm(3.6×2.4in)
  4. Compression Ratio: 31
  5. Maximum Torque: m/6000 rpm(offroad)
  6. Maximum Power: 5kW/7200rpm(30.6hp/6700rpm)(offroad)
  7. Maximum speed: 95km/h
  8. Fuel Supply: EFI
  9. Ignition: ECU
  10. Transmission: CVT

Dimensions and Capacities

  1. L x W x H: 2300mm×1100mm×1350mm(91x43x53in)
  2. Wheelbase: 1460mm(57in)
  3. Seat Height: 530mm(21in)
  4. Ground Clearance: 240mmmm(9.4in)
  5. Turning Diameter: 2m(283in)
  6. curb weight: 361kg(794ib)
  7. payload Capacity: 210kg(462ib)
  8. Fuel Capacity: 15L(4gal)


  1. Brake: Hydraulic
  2. Suspension: Double arm,independent suspension
  3. shock Absorber: Spiral Spring oil shock absorber
  4. Drive: Switchable2WD/4WD
  5. Rim: Front:12×6.0AT Aluminum Alloy/Radial Rear:12×7.5AT Aluminum Alloy/Radial
  6. Tire: Front:24×8.00-12;AT25×8.00-12 / Rear:24×10.00-12;AT25×10.00-12


  1. Color: Blue,



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